Single Pre-Order Day!

It has been a busy month since I last wrote a blog about our activities! This will be a long blog entry, but I want you to be bang up to date. Here we go…

We have finished our album, “The Pain Inside Your Head” and had it mastered by Kevin Peterson at Masterdisk in New York. It now sounds “like a record”. As a result of listening to the mastered versions of the tracks, we decided to start the album with “Schemes”, which now blasts out of the speakers! It is also going to be the first single. There is a lot of talk about the black art of mastering but really it comes down to the same things as ever when recording music: A great person in a great room with great gear and great material. Well, we tried out best with the material and Kevin did a grand job of mastering the album. If you’re reading this, Kevin, thanks again!

We also got in touch with Marianne Harris to get some professional photos of us and she, too, did wonders for us – especially as we were sandwiched between two big jobs she had at London’s legendary Abbey Road studios. So, we now have a good set of publicity shots for use, including some shots that are very particular to her style. I’ve always loved the look of her photos and to capture that in the key shots from our session was great. So, if you need good quality promo shots, she’s the person you need!

We also wanted a way to “give back” to those that have helped us so far. In particular, two Croydon-based gentlemen, Trev and Ben, who have a Sunday morning radio show, somewhat inevitably called “The Trev & Ben Show” on Croydon Radio. Both of them are brilliant and funny and have spun pre-release versions of the single, “Schemes” for weeks now. We thought it’d be nice to record a special acoustic version of the single, “Schemes” for them to include in their show, which they duly did yesterday (15 March). It felt good to be able to do something for someone else for a change. Independent bands like ours spend so much time asking people to do things for us. It’s great to be able to give something back. I hope we can do more stuff like this as we get on because it really does make things a lot better and humanises what can be a pretty brutal gig.

As part of the promotion for the single, we’ve been contacting radio and press to get coverage for the single and the response from bloggers and stations has been pretty amazing. There are a lot of supportive people out there, and thankfully very few bitter opinionated failed rock stars spitting their cynical disgust at any new music! It’s really nice to get some good feedback that we can use to get better.

In order to get the music into the digital stores, we have signed up to Emu Bands to handle the distribution of the single and the album. Their process for organising releases is so easy, even a guitarist can do it. I was going to say “even a drummer” but that would be unfair and wouldn’t be right – you have to be able to read the agreement and fill out some online forms! Seriously, though, I had a bunch of questions on digitally releasing the single and album and they were answered really promptly via their “live chat” facility and offline via email. Great service!

And so that brings us to today, which is SINGLE PRE-ORDER DAY! Both iTunes and Amazon MP3 have the track available for pre-order ahead of its release on 6 April. To say we’re excited is an understatement. This is the first time anyone can get their hands on our music, or order it, at least, and we’re really pleased that people are saying upfront that they are supporting us by placing their orders now. And who knows, if you and your friends and THEIR friends put 79p towards our cause, we might even tickle the toes of the UK singles charts! That would be pretty amazing, don’t you think?


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