All About That Bass…

… well at least for the weekend! Ross’ basslines for the album will be recorded this weekend and, once completed, we’ll do the final mix before sending the whole thing off to the mastering house and getting the finished product. If time and money allows, we aim to get the album finished by the end of February.

It’s busy for us right now, after having a difficult time finding a bassist. But now that Ross has joined, it’s like the gates have been opened and we’re off and running. Suddenly, there’s a ton of stuff to be getting on with that we’ve just been waiting to try out. There’s a real desire to get the music out there now and push for everything.

Things coming up include a photoshoot (time to look sharp!) and our first gigs with the new lineup. We will be making our live debut on 20 March at a club night at the Barfly. Make sure you’re ready for a late one because we are going to be partying until the early hours!

We’re also toying with the idea of making a video for at least one of the songs off the album and getting a lot of Facebook, Twitter and WP followers’ involvement. Once we’ve finalised a plan, we’ll “pitch” it to everyone and see how quickly we can get it all together.

I know Enzo and Ross have got a lot of ideas coming at the moment, so if I find out what they’re up to I’ll fill you in!

Speak soon!



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