The Silver Bayonets

Hello, world! This is Kabir from The Silver Bayonets and this is our new blog. We are a London-based indie-rock band who are currently recording their first album, having spent a couple of years gigging the London clubs.

I play guitar, Ross is on bass and Enzo plays the drums. We all sing but I sing lead vocals, with Enzo and Ross doing harmonies. Everyone loves vocal harmonies. Vocal harmonies are awesome.

Our influences are many rowdy, shouty guitar bands like Husker Du and Nirvana, but there’s also big indie-pop stylings from Teenage Fanclub, Mega City Four and Manic Street Preachers. I’m sure we’ll be expanding the styles and sound as we go, but that’s where we’re at right now. So I guess that gives you an idea of our sound: lots of fuzzy guitars and vocal harmonies with slightly sad or angry songs, but without being a bunch of brooding self-absorbed try-hards. It’s pop music but very loud and guitar-driven!

Like any self-respecting band, we have our own website which has got links to live clips and demos, until such time as we unleash the beast of the album. We’re very excited about that as it’s our main project at the minute. Expect quite a few posts on how that is going.

Check us out and get in touch as we’d love to hear from you if you’re a listener, band, artist, promoter, photographer, video-maker, critic, or anyone else obssessed with music. I think we’ll have a lot in common. Speak soon!




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